Welcome to The Great British Relay site.

The completed site will be ready in early November 2014 and there will be some major changes to look out for.

In the meantime, if you would like to grab a stage you can on the GB Relay 2015 link above.

Available stages near you can be viewed via the stages page and there is a list of stages already taken on the GB Relay 2015 page.

At the moment we are about 1/4 full.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Before committing to a stage please consider that this is not a stand-alone stage. It is a part of a huge undertaking and hundreds, maybe thousands, of runners all over mainland Britain will be relying on you and your team to keep the relay going. The whole running community will be watching your progress and willing you on.  The GBR needs people with a positive outlook who want to take part in the longest duration running event in the world and join in this celebration of running. Remember the times of any stage are approximate and may be delayed. There are no refunds. Transfers are allowed.