The Great British Relay 2015 is a true celebration of running and is the longest continuous unbroken running event lasting an incredible 740 hours.  That’s about 31 days.

It is run continuously TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY for the month of June (and some of July) and 2015 is the year when we go for the LONGEST IN DURATION RUNNING EVENT WORLD RECORD.

Split into 600 stage it covers  OVER 7000 km travelling around the coastline of mainland Britain.

The Great British Relay welcomes runners of all abilities and ages uniting the running community like no other event. 

So whether you are an elite athlete or grass roots runner there is a place for you in GBR 2015.

The GREAT BRITISH RELAY will be a landmark event in the running calendar and we’d love to have you on board for 2015  but places are limited!

Stages are £25 whether there is one runner or 50 taking part so why not be part of something amazing and celebrate running in the world’s longest annual unbroken running event in 2015?

Sign up now!

Celebrate Running! Celebrate Life!